Pinhal Interior North

The Pinhal Interior Norte, in the Centre of the country, is a rugged territory, with magnificent landscapes (with a great deal of pinewoods, hence the name Pinhal). The natural environment and the genuine landscape, with numerous paths and trails, allow for pleasant walks and hikes.

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River beaches

Fragas de São Simão, Mosteiro, Senhora da Piedade and a lot more...

The Network of River Beaches of Aldeias do Xisto (Schist Villages) comprises a set of the best river bathing areas in the Portuguese Centre Region. Besides leisure, and due to their natural characteristics, these river beaches have spots with great beauty.
This network of river beaches has support infrastructures and some of them were awarded the Blue Flag and Accessible Beach status. The quality of the water and the surrounding environment are the main selection criteria for awarding Blue Flag status to these beaches, which are located in areas of environmental heritage and classified natural areas.

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Historical villages

Aldeias do Candal, Talasnal, Casal de São Simão, Aigra Velha, Cerdeira and much more...

The Schist Villages Network comprises 27 villages from 16 municipalities located in the centre of Portugal, in a territory that comprises three districts: Castelo Branco, Coimbra and Leiria. It is a territory essentially constituted by mountains of schist, surrounded and crossed by a good road network. But saying just this is not enough. Find out why! !

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Trekking, mountain climbing and river descents

Coentral, Quelhas and much, much more...

Starting from various places around Castanheira de Pera, you can enjoy a world of experiences suited to your preference or adapted to your level of practice. You can simply go for a short, relaxed trip in contact with nature, or challenge all your dexterity and stamina on high demanding trails that can last all day long.